“CosmeParts” created based
on the cosmetic manufacturer's idea
CosmeParts® are multifunctional premix-products. We have selected some important ingredients to create cosmetic formulations taking account of stability, usability and ease of manufacture. By building some parts like completing puzzles, it enables you to create formulations and facilitates developments of various products.
  • CosmeParts are well-chosen according to purpose and effect among many raw materials and mixed.
  • It is possible to start developing prescription and testing efficiently, and easy to expand into various items. It is also possible to respond to changing needs flexibly.
  • Combination X Your idea will realize manufacturing high-quality and original cosmetics.

LINEUP CosmeParts lineup

  • BaseParts Emulsion products
    This is for emulsion-cosmetics parts which is summarized the technologies of emulsion and stabilization.
    It is possible to efficiently produce emulsion-cosmetics ensuring good usability and stability at room temperature. It can also widely develop both versatile and special cosmetics.
    O/W material W/O material
  • ColorParts Makeup products
    This is color pigment-parts with excellent dispersibility.
    Oil-based dispersion and water-based dispersion are available for base makeup and point makeup. Colors are matched upon order.
    Pigment dispersion for base makeup and point makeup
  • FunctionParts UV care products, etc.
    This is to impart functionality to cosmetics.
    We have fine particle dispersion, water-based clouding agent for cosmetics and coating agent with high versatility to satisfy various demands.
    Fine particle dispersions Clouding agents Coating agents
  • ConceptParts Related ingredients composing skin
    This is appeal-component-parts to make cosmetics more attractive.
    We have constructed MRH (Moist Resilient Harmony) theory focused on the function of skin, and prepared three raw materials of NMF component, dermal component and ceramide-containing yeast.
    Related ingredients composing skin



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